R. Zoppo Corp.

Building the future with today's resources and yesterday's values

Our Company

The history and tradition of R. Zoppo Corp. dates back to 1925 when its founding father and namesake, Rocco Zoppo, began contributing to the water and sewer infrastructure for the City of Boston. Soon thereafter, in the early 1930's, the concentration of R. Zoppo Corp. turned towards Federal and State Government contracts performing specialized blasting work.


Building on its reputation with the Federal Government, the late 1930s and early 1940s resulted in the inauguration and introduction of R. Zoppo Corp. to Sewage Treatment and Pumping Station Construction.


The Founder of the Company, Rocco Zoppo's, core values of honoring commitments, producing a quality job, and operating with honesty, integrity, and fairness, regardless of financial consequences, are values that still ring true throughout all aspects of the Company today.


The approach to safety by R. Zoppo Corp. is based on the belief that our employees are our most valued resource. Worker safety and health are the principal concerns of the Company.

Rocco Zoppo

Founder - 1919
Four generations dedicated to excellence since 1921.

Core Services


Underground Utilities

Projects include installation and rehabilitation of underground utilities of all types. Methods include trenching, slip-lining pipe bursting and pipe jacking


Waste Water Treatment

Construction and alterations to pump stations and treatment plants, including structures, piping and equipment. Removal and disposal of contaminated materials also falls under this service.


Dams & Flood Control

Repairs to all aspects of dam structures including earth berms, stone/concrete dams and spillways, flood control gates and gate operating machinery


Heavy Civil & Roadways

Earthmoving and grading, excavation support systems, roadway construction and repair



Construction and rehabilitation of bridge substructures and superstructures, including stone arch, steel/concrete and precast segmental bridges