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Ames Street Bridge Replacement

Dedham, MA

Class of Work: Bridge - Construction


Location: Dedham, MA


Owner: Massachusetts Highway Dept.

Project Start: February 2009


Project Completion: November 2011

Contract Amount: $8,000,000.00


Architect / Engineer: Hatch, Mott, & MacDonald

Description and Scope of Work:

The project consisted of the rehabilitation of a stone arch bridge over the Charles River in the Town of Dedham, MA. The job required extensive traffic management, including the construction of a temporary pedestrian bridge in order to maintain two way traffic throughout the project duration. The major elements of work included installation of the Cintec Bridge Strengthening System, installation of pipe piles, minipiles and concrete pile caps at the abutments, as well as piers to support a new 18” thick concrete deck structure. Substructure work included extensive repointing of the existing stone masonry and installing new piers and columns within the river cofferdams for superstructure support, as well as the maintenance and relocation of existing utilities.


The minipiles and deck structure had to be redesigned due to unforeseen subsurface conditions. These problems were solved within the original budgets and the project was completed 9 months ahead of schedule.

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