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Beaver Street Culvert Replacement

Waltham, MA

Class of Work: Roadway/Utility


Location: Waltham, MA


Owner: City of Waltham

Project Start: January 2015


Project Completion: June 2015

Contract Amount: $1,000,000


Architect / Engineer:  City of Waltham

Description and Scope of Work:

The project consisted of the demolition of an existing concrete culvert carrying Beaver Brook under Beaver Street in Waltham, MA, as well as the installation of a new precast concrete culvert and wing walls.  The project included earth support, diversion of river flows, traffic control, installation of site drainage, road construction, paving and landscaping.  To minimize disruption of traffic, the culvert demolition and installation (including road paving) was performed by working 24 - hours per day for 5 days.


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