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Abate Asbestos Removal and Watermain Upgrade


Charlestown, MA

Class of Work: Underground Utility


Location: Charlestown, MA

Project Start: October 2013


Project Completion: May 2015

Contract Amount: $5,300,000


Owner: National Park Service

Description and Scope of Work:

This project involved the rehabilitation of the utility tunnel associated with the Charlestown Navy Yard and surrounding area. The Utility Tunnel scope included the following:

A. Asbestos abatement throughout the main tunnel along 1st Avenue.

B. Removal of piping and supports for steam, hot water supply and return, air supply, fuel oil lines and water lines.

C. Patching of all tunnel wall holes and penetrations.

D. Complete removal of electrical wiring as a result of asbestos in wire covering.

E. Assessment of the structural integrity of the utility tunnel walls. 

F. Designing of utility tunnel roof (concrete roof which serves as the sidewalk) to meet traffic loads throughout.

G. Preservation of the communication and alarm wiring throughout all facets of work.


The work also included replacement and/or rehabilitation of the water distribution system through the installation of new ductile iron and high density polyethylene pipe.  The project included replacement of all hydrants and valves, and building services were reconnected at the building threshold. By using conventional excavation techniques, we also installed the water mains and service connections.

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