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Fenway Watermain Improvements - BWSC

Boston, MA

Class of Work: Sewer and Water


Location: Boston, MA

Project Start: October 2013


Project Completion: June 2015

Contract Amount: $3,000,000.00


Architect / Engineer: BWSC

Description and Scope of Work:

The work under this contract included the installation of approximately 8,000 LF of 8” & 12” dimeter water mains, 600  LF of 12” diameter sewer/drain pipe and the rehabilitation of approximately 1,000 LF of sewer/drain conduits by cured-in-place structural lining.  The work was conducted in heavily congested urban areas throughout various locations of the City of Boston including Fenway, Back Bay and Bay Village neighborhoods.


The water main work required the installation of approximately 10,000 LF of temporary by-pass pipe to service 120 or so customers during the water pipe replacement work.  The new pipe installation was done amongst many existing utilities including gas, electric and cable all of which required close coordination with the various utility companies and City Departments.  The majority of the locations had work hour constraints to limit the impact on abutters and traffic.


Another challenging aspect of the project was the coordination required with all the existing abutters.  Hundreds of site visits to the various homes and business impacted by our construction were required to coordinate the necessary work to tie in both the temporary and permanent water services.


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