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New Bedford Sewer and Watermain Improvements

New Bedford, MA

Project Start: January 2010


Project Completion: December 2012

Class of Work: Sewer and Water


Location: New Bedford, MA

Contract Amount: $17,800,000


Architect / Engineer: CDM-Smith

Description and Scope of Work:

Work under this contract consisted of furnishing all necessary labor, materials and equipment required for the cleaning of approximately 19,000 LF of a cast-in-place CSO Interceptor ranging in size from 63” x 69” to 84” x 92”. Additionally we were responsible for the cleaning of approximately 1,750 LF of a 50” x 48” cast-in-place CSO Interceptor, post cleaning inspection of the cleaned CSO via CCTV, Sonar, 3D Laser Profiling & H2S monitoring, testing & disposing of approximately 2,200 Tons of PCB contaminated grit from inside the pipelines, and slip-lining approximately 3,000 LF with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Pipe ranging in size from 54” to 72” diameter.


Other activities included establishing a lay down area to allow the decanting of loaded vacuum boxes prior to transport, decommissioning the lay down area at the conclusion of the project, and setting up work areas to allow for the excavation of access pits in order to facilitate slip lining and manhole installation.  We also rehabilitated the intersection at Brock Ave and West Rodney French Boulevard.  This consisted of casting new sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, and traffic islands with stamped asphalt, as well as cold planing, paving, new traffic markings and painted crosswalks.  Work under this contract additionally consisted of installing access manholes along a section of the City’s Main Interceptor. The purpose was to provide access to the city’s under-sewer that runs directly beneath the interceptor.  The work performed included, but was not limited to, relocating water mains, excavating alongside the Main Interceptor, tunneling underneath the Interceptor, rerouting the existing clay pipe with new PVC pipe to the roadway and installing precast manholes.  All access pits were backfilled with controlled low-strength material, cold planed and repaved.  A section of the project dealt with utility upgrades along Acushnet Avenue from Coggeshall to Holly St.  This was comprised of installing new sewer mains, water mains, drain lines, new sewer and water services, as well as fire protection lines, new manholes, full depth roadway reconstruction and paving.


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