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I-90 and Prudential Tunnel Roadway Repairs

Boston, MA

Class of Work: Highway/Construction


Location: Boston, MA


Owner: MassDOT

Project Start: August 2010


Project Completion: October 2013

Contract Amount: $16,200,000


Architect / Engineer: Jacobs Engineering

Description and Scope of Work:

The work under this contract consisted of furnishing all necessary labor, materials and equipment required for the installation of new barriers, concrete block closure walls, light standards, and utilities along the approaches to the Prudential Tunnel. It also included cold planing and resurfacing of existing pavement, concrete repairs to the existing base slab and bridge substructures, painting tunnel walls, barriers, and new pavement markings, removal of sediments in drainage trunk line pipes and structures, and finally remodeling drop inlets throughout the project boundary.


We furnished light improvements for Route I-90 from Harrison Avenue to the Prudential Tunnel and from the Prudential Tunnel to Beacon Street in Boston. We also installed conduits for fiber optic cables and other ITS devices on I-90 between Harrison Avenue and the Prudential Tunnel. The project included demolition of the existing lighting poles and appurtenances, and installation of new lighting poles, luminaries, conduit, and wires as noted on the plans.


We were also required to restore the site after construction was finished and provide improvements to city parcels affected by the terminated Columbus Center Project along the east approach to the Prudential Tunnel, north of I-90. The improvements included sidewalk reconstruction, installation of  ornamental fences and bollards, repaving, reseeding, removal of chain link fencing and construction shielding, and the partial removal of existing piles, drilled shafts, and temporary support of excavation.  We also milled and resurfaced a portion of I-93 NB from Exit 20 to the bridge over the Albany Street Connector.


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