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Raystown Lake Gate Seal Repair

Huntingdon, PA

Class of Work: Dams/Flood Control


Location: Huntingdon, PA

Project Start: September 2012


Project Completion: December 2013

Contract Amount: $1,200,000


Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District   

Description and Scope of Work:

This project consisted of repairs to two 45’x45’ steel Tainter gates at the Raystown Lake Dam Spillway in Huntingdon, PA.  The work areas were dewatered by the installation of 30 ea. W24x76 stoplogs using cranes and divers.  Access to the gates was accomplished through the construction of temporary wooden work platforms, ladders and suspended scaffolding.  The rubber gate seals were removed and replaced with new seals, including newly fabricated seal assemblies made up of rolled stainless steel angles, clamp bars and hardware.  We performed a 3D laser scan on the gates in order to analyze and verify the new seal dimensions.  We repaired severe pitting of the gate skin by filling the pits using a SMAW procedure with pre-heating and controlled cool-down.  Substandard welds from previous contracts were also repaired.  One gate had to be abrasive blasted and painted, and the surfaces of the gate skins were analyzed using straight beam ultrasonic testing.  Two of the main gear reducers in the gate hoist machinery system were removed and sent to the factory for rebuilding and reinstalled and concrete core samples were taken from the pier walls for testing. 

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