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Route 24 Horse Bridge Rehabilitation

Randolph, MA

Class of Work: Bridge - Construction


Location: Randolph, MA


Owner: Massachusetts Highway Dept.

Project Start: April 2009


Project Completion: November 2010

Contract Amount: $4,000,000.00


Architect / Engineer: Purcell Associates

Description and Scope of Work:

In 2009, R. Zoppo replaced the existing Department of Conservation and Recreation-owned (DCR) Access Bridge over Route 24 in the town of Randolph. Preliminary work consisted of complete demolition of the entire bridge superstructure and partial demolition of the bridge substructure. We were also responsible for the implementation of an extensive traffic management system including the coordination of complete highway shutdown in order to remove existing steel beams, install new precast concrete bridge sections and install steel piles for foundation support. Traffic also had to be diverted during the construction of the new bridge structure which included: fabrication of bridge footings and wing walls, pier footings and columns, approach slabs, protective fencing. The superstructure of new bridge was made up of post tensioned precast concrete segments. Also included was full-depth construction with hot mix asphalt, removal of fencing, the furnishing and installation of new guardrail and fencing, installation and subsequent removal of temporary precast concrete barriers, and other items required to complete the work.

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