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Taunton River Desalination Plant

North Dighton, MA

Class of Work: Pump Stations


Location: North Dighton, MA


Owner: Aquaria Water, LLC.

Project Start: December 2005


Project Completion: September 2008

Contract Amount: $16,700,000.00


Architect / Engineer: Metcalf & Eddy


(Now part of AECOM)

Description and Scope of Work:

Privately owned and operated desalination drinking water plant located along the Taunton River in the Town of North Dighton.  The primary customer for the drinking water supply is the City of Brockton.


The project involved the construction of a 5 million GPD desalination plant on the banks of the Taunton River.  Construction included all heavy/civil work, roadways, underground utilities and yard piping as well as a 30,000 SF treatment plant process building with cast-in-place foundations and tanks.  As part of this project R. Zoppo Corp. constructed a Raw-Water Intake Facility and Pump Station.  The two structures (Intake and Pump Station) were constructed within a significant common steel sheeted cofferdam that extended out into the Taunton River.  The Pump Station was a cast-in-place concrete structure that housed the raw water pumps, valves and process piping.  A metal building was constructed at grade to house the various electrical gear associated with the pump station.  Pump Station control wiring was run back to the main treatment plant process building so the pump station could be operated remotely.


A significant amount of underground process piping was installed.  Pipe ranged in size from 4” diameter to 48” diameter and varied in material from ductile iron, PVC and RCP.  Piping systems included potable city water, processed water, raw intake water, chemical feed lines, fire protection and drainage.  Extensive phasing of the installation was required to avoid conflicts between the various piping systems.  All of the pressure piping was rigid systems requiring restrained joints.  This required extensive engineering efforts to ensure the accurate placement of the various systems.

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